The following list includes information on current and past musical opportunities. I have chosen to include only my most prominent experiences, and exclude those that happened directly as part of my undergraduate or graduate study.

For references or more information on what I did as part of my music education, please e-mail me at HelloTJames@gmail.com.


In August of 2016, I started writing and producing music with a team based in Los Angeles for publishers Liquid Cinema and Epitome Music. All music is intended for licensing purposes.


Braxton Calhoun – I have more recently been touring with Braxton Calhoun, a Nashville-based rock/country artist. In the band, I play lead guitar and sing harmony.

The Tailgaters – I went out on the road with Nashville-based The Tailgaters in January of 2015, and left at the end of June 2015. In the band, I played lead guitar and sang. For the most part, I was singing the highest of four-part harmony (tenor/alto range), but I did also sing lead on some songs. We did over 200 shows in 2015 and were on the road 10 months out of the year. Repertoire consisted of cover songs (country, rock, and pop), as well as a few originals written by other members of the band.


Radio Empire – (2009-2011). Completed two tours that each covered PA, NY, OH, IN, IL, MI, and MD. Genre: Pop-Rock. In this band, I wrote all of the material, played lead guitar, and sang lead vocals.

Stillframe Sky – (2006-2009). Completed two tours through PA, NY, OH, IL, IN, and IA. Genre: Pop-Rock. Much like in Radio Empire later on, I wrote the songs and performed as the lead guitarist and lead vocalist.

The Feebles – (2013-2014). A Los Angeles-Based Beatles cover band. We didn’t always stick to the specific Beatle member parts (as many other cover bands do), however I often sang lead or high harmony (Paul or John’s parts). In this group, I also played lead guitar, both acoustic and electric.

Singer-Songwriter – (2011 – present day). I have taken the opportunity to play as many “solo” shows as I can. My style as a solo artist has certainly evolved over the years, but includes elements of all of my influences. Above all else, I value authenticity in my pursuits as a singer-songwriter. No bells and whistles here, just me and my songs.

SIDEMAN (Guitar and Vocal)

Gracie and Joey – (2014) Visit their website at http://www.gracieandjoeymusic.com/. With Gracie and Joey, I played lead electric guitar. They were a fantastic group of musicians and people, and I’m really glad they gave me the opportunity to play with them, right after I moved to Nashville.

Patricia Bahia – (2012-2014). In Los Angeles, I played guitar and sang harmony regularly for singer-songwriter Patricia Bahia. We would write together, travel together, and just generally have a great time! I am thankful for my opportunity to perform with her. Swing by patriciabahia.com to see what she’s all about.

Run, Forever – (Summer 2009). I played lead guitar for folk-punk band Run, Forever during a two-week tour. They are great friends of mine, and I’m glad I had the chance to play on the road with them! Check out their stuff at http://runforevermusic.com/.


City of God Church– (2014)  Santa Monica, CA based non-denominational church. I was the drummer for weekly services at which we played modern Christian contemporary praise and worship. All worship music was played to a click track. I was also responsible for setting up drum microphones as well as a drum shield.

McLane Church– (2011-2012) Union City, PA non-denominational church. Much like at City of God, at McLane, I played drums for contemporary praise and worship music on a weekly basis. On several occasions, I also sang vocal harmony.

The Gathering Band– (2005 – 2009) Edinboro, PA alternative Christian band. This was the first group I ever played to a click track with. We performed weekly for the few years I was in the band, and also performed at regional festival and youth events.

TMJ Recordings (Session Drummer)– (2005 – 2007) I was called in to record drums for several projects by different recording artists at TMJ Recordings in Edinboro, PA.


Nova Vocal Ensemble– (2013-2014) Los Angeles-based chamber choir that performed around the Southern California area. This group emphasized the ability to sight-read choral music.

Erie Philharmonic Chorus– (2012) The Erie Philharmonic Chorus was a large, selectively auditioned concert choir. In my time with the group, I had the honor of joining them in a performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at the Warner Theatre in Erie Pennsylvania, accompanied by the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra.

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