Update 4/30/17

A whole lot is going on in my world!

First off, the night of May 1st I’m performing with an all-star cast of some of Nashville’s finest players at The Basement East – an evening of George Michael tunes. They asked me to come on board to sing a couple songs, and I couldn’t be more excited to do it!

My N I C E   G H O S T record is coming along well, and is almost finished. I expect to have copies ready, and be ready to hit the road in support of it by fall.

I recently started making tracks for TV/Film music libraries in LA – more on that later. Super pumped to have some new projects to work on.

I’ve been performing as guitarist and harmony vocalist with Braxton Calhoun, which has been going great – it’s always wonderful to have a great group of guys to go on the road with. It doesn’t even feel like work, because they’re making it so pleasurable. Anyway, in addition to playing with Braxton and the guys, I had the opportunity to produce his debut EP! I’m very happy to have been able to do the project. If you’re into country music and want to hear some of his songs that I produced, check it out on iTunes.

I also have recently started playing guitar for Charee White, a female rock/country singer from near where I grew up in Pennsylvania. Again, this is a great group of people to hang out and play with, so I’m looking forward to the shows we have coming up.



2 thoughts on “Update 4/30/17

  1. Tim says:

    That’s all good news! Great to read.


  2. Lozzie says:

    Keep updating the humans!!! we wanna know 🙂


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