I am a lover of music. All genres, all formats, it’s what I do and what I’m passionate about. Through adolescence I performed as often as I could in my hometown region of Northwest Pennsylvania, which involved a few DIY tours. Around this time, I was also performing in local church bands and doing occasional session work as a drummer in nearby studios. In 2005-2010 I studied music as an undergraduate at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and then completed a Master’s Degree in Commercial Music performance from Cal State LA in June of 2014, with a focus in vocal performance. In 2015, I went full-time as a touring sideman with Joe Bachman and the Tailgaters, a party band based out of Nashville, and then in 2016 moved on to begin composing for various music libraries, producing my own music, and performing with a handful of artists in or around Nashville. In 2017, I was hired to tour with The Rocket Summer for a full US and UK tour in two legs for the “Do You Feel” 10-year anniversary. In 2019 I once again toured with The Rocket Summer for their release of “Sweet Shivers.” Currently, I am performing with my own cover band, The Foo Flannels, doing some session work in or around Los Angeles, working as a stagehand/backline/audio technician, and always working on new original music. I’m available for tours, for sessions, local gigs, co-writing, you name it. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need guitars, vocals, production, keys, or help with merch, audio, driving, staging, etc.


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