Monthly Archives: May 2012

Two new shows!

Hello, folks! Check out my “Show and Tour Dates” page for a couple PA regional shows in June and July!

In other news, the album material is coming along nicely. I’ve just about narrowed down which songs will be included (yes, it will be a full-length record), and I’m planning on tracking the drums starting in June. I’ll keep you all posted. As for now, don’t expect too much from me via social media and/or this web site, as I’ll be focusing heavily on my writing and producing.

Oh, and one more thing; did you hear I’m moving to Los Angeles? Yep.


What are all these changes about?!

You might notice this page has a new name and a new look… well that’s because I changed some things, silly! This site started as just a blog, however from this point forward I’ll be using it as my “one-stop-shop” for everything involving my music. The home page will still be my blog – but there are also pages for video, audio, tour dates, photos, etc. Please share and keep checking back!

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